Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December 14 – Appreciate

December 14 – Appreciate
What’s the one thing you have come to appreciate most in the past year? How do you express gratitude for it? (Author: Victoria Klein)

Family. That is a short and sweet answer. This year I turned down my dream job because I was not ready to let go of the relationship my sisters and I had created in the last few years. My youngest brother, confidant, and best friend joined the Peace Corp. His departure has been hard for me. I am so proud of him and everything he does but I miss his face. That sounds weird but I miss seeing his eyes wrinkle up when he is having a blast and the hand gestures when he is upset. This year my nephew, my brother's son, had a stint in the hospital with a tumor. My brothers are so different and so amazing in their own ways. Each of them loves me in such a different way. They are not word guys...more on the action side. One is expecting his first just like me and it has been so interesting to see how our relationship has become so different because we are entering a new phase of life together. Then there is my oldest brother who is getting married. And something about that has made him more of a equal than my older brother. And then there are my parents. Maybe it is because I turned the big 3-0 this year or because I am about to be a parent myself but I don't think I have ever appreciated them more than I have this year. They have been everything to me and my husband this year. They have said the most amazing things to me at the most random moments. I realize I am leaving out so many family members but each of them I love so much.

Then there is the family I married into. My in laws are amazing (my favorite word for 2010). They have done it all this year. From assisting in laying a beautiful hardwood floor in my home to driving across the state to attend my graduation to buying my baby's crib. They support and love me like a daughter and I couldn't be happier about it. I truly hit the in-law lottery when I married their son. And that family doesn't end with them but they are just an example of the blessings I have appreciated this year.

So to summarize this year. Life is too precious. The whole world might let you down and sometimes so will family but they are always there doing their best to support and love you in a way no one else can.

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  1. you made me tear up.'s interesting to see how your relationship is changing with our siblings and I feel like I am changing (once again) and wonder if I will remain the same (calm, inspired, joyful) person....Mitch told me I had to prepare because of my hair....haha