Wednesday, May 11, 2011

They are In...

Mother's Day was great.

It started with coffee with my mom before she went back home. Then my in-laws came over and we had breakfast. Afterwards my hubby and father in law put up the shelves in E's room.

Here are a few shots!

Notice the blue tape on the wall. That is for another shelf that will go up shortly. It is low enough for her to reach when she gets older. Here is an closer look at them.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Preparing the Soil.......

The title comes from being a farmer's kid. You prepare now for what you want in the future. I love watching the show Extreme Couponing when I catch it. I also love watching the Suze Orman show, Dave Ramsey and Till Debt Do Us Part. Yes, it is a little dorky but if you know anything about me I love to save money. I read every article I can about saving money , how to become a millionaire, preparing a nice nest egg, pretty much anything that has to do with money and future financial freedom. I think I have been doing good so far but there is always more to learn.

I would love to be super financially stable and get to retire at a young age. The other part of that is that I know I won't stop working because of who my parents are and how they raised me. But one day I really would like to retire and have enough money in my "pocket" to really enjoy it.

I know that if I want to live comfortable in the future I have to be smart now. This includes grocery shopping. So I am not planning on becoming an extreme couponer but I do plan on using coupons and using my mom's techniques of shopping and freezing. I also want to get better at meal planning. Meal planning is becoming important for me right now because I feel a little short handed on time since having E. I want to be smart with my time and use it wisely so that I am enjoying her as much as possible.

So I am not exactly extreme couponing but who doesn't want to save a buck when they can. My mom was an amazing shopper, heck she still is. She feed 11 kids 8 of which were boys. That was a lot of mouths to feed. So she is savvy. When things were on sale she bought and froze everything. Everything that could be frozen was.

So I have been planning meals, buying stuff on sale, freezing prepared meals, and using things in my pantry. I do not want to have stock piles of grocery items and never use them either but I want to be prepared and smart about what I do buy.

Here is to being savvy while grocery shopping, couponing, meal planning and keeping a budget.
Here is to preparing the soil for a bountiful harvest!!!