Thursday, September 30, 2010

Things I have bought the little one.....

So as paranoid as I normally am. I have yet to buy BGR (baby girl ramos) anything that is of importance. You know like a crib or bedding. No, not I. I have bought her stuff that makes me happy and hopefully will make her happy too. Here are a few pictures of that randomness that I have purchased in the last 6 1/2 months.

Her first dog..... Isn't he adorable?

Some soft blocks she can play with and not hurt herself. They make noise in their own unique way. The red one jingles. The blue one rings. The yellow one quacks. And the green one shakes. They also have the color written on them in several languages, including Spanish. Pretty exciting.

Her first phone.

Wooden building blocks. She can learn her alphabet and build towers. A multipurpose kind of toy, what more do you want?

Then there is that frame that I found for $5. Yes, I said five dollars. And to seal the deal, it is that ABC's with the Sesame Street gang. The same guys I grew up watching.

And if you know anything about my father-in-law you know his love for turtles. So BGR has to have a turtle of her own. Presenting her own little turtle.

Then there is the colorful wooden stacker that sways. A good learning tool for colors. See I was thinking of a purpose for it.

This next one is not finished yet. I am going to have to paint it and make it hers. I haven't thought of the color scheme yet but it should be fun putting it together.

And last but not least, one of my favorites, the drumming bear push toy. He claps his when you push him. I realize that in the future I might regret this purchase but who could resist this cuteness.

So what have I learned about myself in this process. That I like old stuff, classic toys, and particularly wooden toys. Something about them makes me think of my toys I grew up with. I love the new amazing toys that are available for kids nowadays but I like the stuff that makes me think of my childhood. And in a way I want my little one to play with the stuff I know and remember so well. I want her to be full of imagination and creativity. But most importantly I want her to have fun, to truly enjoy her childhood.

My homework assignment.....

This is going to be a quick post.

I am taking a Continuing Education class in photography. I have had two classes so far and each week we have an assignment to turn in a picture. So last class (1st assignment) I had to turn in a picture. This is my picture. Tell me what you think.

It was an accident and I just kept taking the shot until I had at least one to choose from. My teacher like it and I was a little proud. Now I have to work on next week's assignment, composition.

I just want to be able to take good pictures of my kiddo and family. So let the learning begin. The really great part of this class is that I have a great friend who sits next to me. So that is awesome and makes the 2 1/2 hours not seem like an eternity.

Just thought I would share my first homework assignment. Await for next week's homework post.

LoVe Ya'

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I need a Fix!!

Okay so the title is a little crazy but I discovered something last night. I teach a CCD class on Wednesday nights. For those who don't know what a CCD class is (totally understandable). Its' original name was the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine. It was an association established in the 1500s for the purpose of providing religious education. Nowadays CCD is the religious teaching program of the Catholic Church.

So anyways onto my fix. After my class last night I realized that I should have been a teacher. But because everyone in my family seemed to be a teacher, I needed to be different. So that was my choice and I realized my last semester in college that my choice was not who I was. But there was no turning back. And I don't think I would have enjoyed teaching everyday as much as I enjoy my Wednesday night 7th grade class. So this is my fix, my way of feeding that need or want to teach.

I am really wild and sometimes wonder if I am getting anything across, if their minds are running or are they just thinking this lady is crazy and I want to go home. Who knows, but for the next several weeks they will be a part of the fix I need to fulfill some inner part of me who always wanted to be a teacher. The things we do to torture children.

This is another part of my need for balance. My once a week fix keeps me balanced with the need of teaching fulfilled and the rest of the time fulfilled with many other random things.