Sunday, February 27, 2011


So let me start off by saying this. As I begin writing this post, I am holding my 7 week old precious sleeping baby girl. The last seven weeks of my life have brought some clarity to life for me. Yes, I will continue to be an optimistic pessimist for all eternity.

In the last seven weeks I have been shown how precious life truly easy and how we must appreciate it now and not in retrospect. In the last seven weeks my husband and I have had attended a total of 6 funerals. Two were children's funerals .

What I have seemed to gather from these funerals is that life is short, precious and not guaranteed. We don't know how long we have with the ones we love. One funeral was three siblings. Another was a young lady who left behind a one year old son. These parents did not know how long they had with their children. Another funeral was a set of twin girls. These were my friend's little ones. And she knew from the beginning that she would only have moments with them. She carried those lives inside of her with such love, grace and strength. It was too short. It was unfair. And at the same time it was so beautiful.

I am not doubting God's plans but am reflecting on my own life and how sometimes I focus on the unimportant. I have been given a precious life to care for and I pray that I have many years ahead of me to continue to do just that. So for you that have children or for that matter loved ones realize that we do not know that time we are allowed with them. So love them...cherish them and hold on tight to all those moments we are given.

I love you all.