Monday, April 26, 2010

Future/Current Project

So we originally had planned to start remodeling our bathroom this summer. After our anniversary get away we were sure that a jetted tub is what we needed. That was the plan. Well the plan has changed. Not due to the jetted tub......we still "need" a jetted tub. I just came across a different project we will be tackling instead. The plans for the bathrooms remodel (yes I said bathrooms, 2 exactly) is still on the list just not at the top.

The new plans are hardwood floors. Yes I said hardwood floors. I am big about being eco-friendly. So when we first discussed redoing our floors, bamboo seemed like a great option. If you have seen any of the ads on the television about flooring the cheapest price for bamboo is $1.99 a square foot. Which can become a bit pricey, so you can imagine hardwood floors being much more. Well hardwood is not as eco-friendly and is more costly. So what made me change my mind.

Well I was browsing through some of my favorite blogs and noticed that Craigslist was a big deal. So I thought lets see what this is all about. And guess what I came across Maple Hardwood Floors for $0.50/sq.ft. So I thought.......hmm. There were no pictures just a phone number to call. So of course, what is the harm in calling and asking for a few pictures, right? So I call and find out 1.) I know the family selling the flooring 2.) the floor is from a high school gym my entire family had played basketball on. So the floors is reasonable (check) and it is used flooring meaning it is eco-friendly, no cutting down of more trees (check check). How could it get any better than this? So I discuss with hubby and father-in-law (my second dad) and dad and hubby agree that it seems like a great deal and we shouldn't pass it up. So I call and find out I am 2nd on the list, there is someone going to see it and they will let me know. I am all about if it is meant to be it will be. So the next day I get a text letting me know the wood is mine the people that were suppose to see it never showed so they moved onto my name. Hip! Hip! Horray!

So it was meant to be, right? Well yeah...of course it is also meant to be a tremendous amount of work. And my hubby is so positive about being able to do most of the work himself. Where we are installing it we have busting that out is going to be a chore. it is approximately 600 sq. ft. of tile we are busting out.

So....Point of the Post. There will be future posting of this new and crazy adventure. For now here are some pictures of the flooring and the possibilities it holds.

(This is in my garage (my car is outside) trailer load and still so much more.)

(This is a bundle on the floor. Yes it is a lot of wood.)

Here are some close ups of the flooring.

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