Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Weekend Getaway...

"Wherever you are, That's where I will be."
I love what this little sign in our room said. I loved was perfect for the weekend. Just a reminder for us. Isn't that the best?

So we celebrated our 2nd Anniversary on Monday. And it couldn't have fell on a better weekend if I had planned it myself. JD had his long weekend and I had Easter weekend off. So that meant for our anniversary we would both be off and could plan something for ourselves. The stars had aligned and we had to take advantage of it.

It was the best weekend ever. I don't think I had ever been so excited to go somewhere. The best part about the whole situation was that JD took it upon himself to plan out the entire weekend. I was such a treat to not have to stress about the details.

Just wanted to share a few photos.

These are a few shots of our room....doesn't it look amazing. This is the only B&B I have ever stayed at but it was absolutely perfect. And the owners and the staff were the sweetest people ever.
And the tub was awesome. Now I understand why after a long stress day people take a hot bath it was the most relaxing and just drained you enough to make you want to sleep. It was so relaxing. A jacuzzi/soaking tub is on the list for our future bathroom renovation.

And what is a Bed & Breakfast without the breakfast part. I had to take pictures. Yes I was that girl who waited for people to walk out so I could take pictures. It was not only tasty but beautifully displayed. I just wanted to admire it all ...but it smelled I took pictures.
We toured the town and just had a great time together. We even went to a winery and did some taste testing....but not before we had ourselves a little picnic. We were given a picnic basket for our wedding so we took advantage.

We had such a great time together although we did miss the Easter egg hunting but that was okay. There is always next year.

Here are a few shots for our LBJ tour....

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