Friday, March 26, 2010

The Things "My" Kids Say......

So I don't have kids of my own but I have the world's greatest nieces & nephews. These kids are the greatest. I know, I am bias and I can admit that. But they are the best and make my life so much fun.

I am their aunt, their Tia, their big sister and their Nena. I look at each of these little faces and can see their amazing personalities. So now I am just reminiscing on things they have said:
I had just been married for a few months and my sister and niece came to help me pack my stuff. And you know the feeling when you are on the ball and time just gets away from you and the next thing you know its 3pm and you haven't eaten anything. So we decide to send my husband (JD) to pick up something. And the conversation goes like this...(give or take a bit)....
JD: What do you feel like eating?
Nena: I really can't think right now....Pick a place and I will tell you what I want.
: Sonic, Rosa's,..hmm..
(4yrs old): McDonald's!!!
: NO, NO....not McDonald's...
(Shaking her head): Hmmm....JD no sabes lo que te estas perdiendo!! Translation....hmmm JD you don't know what you are missing...

I have taught all if not most of them to answer to the question, "Quien te quiere mucho?" Translation: "Who loves you more?" And the answer is "Nena!!" But not Ryan. Ryan is a mama's boy and his answer is always, "Mama!!" He wants it his way... so I found another way around it.
Ryan: Love you Nena.
Nena: No......I love you.
: Nooooo........I love you Nena.
: No....I love you more.
: Noooooooo....I luuuuvvv you more Nena.
: Okay....


Stefan is a mess. And I say that with pride. We all lived together for several months like a great big extended family (before I got married). Me not being use to kids or other people ... I will admit it was a little getting use to. But the fact that I had moments like this was worth it.

Aly: (Crying for whatever reason).
: Aly is such a baby.
: I'm not a baby!!!

This bantering went back and forth for a while. Then came the infamous Sunday. The family went to church and my little Stefan decided he wanted to talk. Which was usually okay because they usually sat in the cry-room. But this Sunday they were sitting right smack dab in the middle of the congregation. And in Catholic churches you have a crucifix at the alter. So the conversation goes somewhat like this:

Mom: Stefan you need to be quiet.
: Why?
: You are making "Diosito" (God) sad.
Stefan: (
looks up to the alter & says) Why?
: Because you are not listening.
: (Quiets down and looks up at the crucifix).....hmmm........You're such a baby!!

I was home visiting my mom & dad. My nieces Mikki & Milli live down the road from my parents. Well this particular weekend my other nieces and nephews were visiting too. Mikki's parents don't like her eating too many sweets, which at Lita'a(short for guelita~grandma) house is near impossible.

Well I had all of them brush their teeth and lay down for bed...while getting ready to go to bed myself I hear something in the kitchen. Mikki in the cookie jar. Of course I say no and she goes to my mom to cry about how mean Nena is.

Mikki: Nena is mean ... she doesn't like me.
: No Mikki...Nena te quire (Nena loves you).
: quiero que Nena venga a mi rancho...she is mean.
: Grandma I don't want Nena coming to my farm anymore... she is mean. be booted out from the farm. The next morning I made sure I explained to her dad, my brother what had happened. So my brother ask Mikki what had happened....and of course I chime in...
Nena: Mikki was mad at me , papi
: Mikki? At you?
: Yeah she crossed her arms and looked at me like this (and I do my imitation).
: Mikki where you mad at Nena?
(with arms crossed): No, papi....I was just cold....see like this...I am not mad...
Oh.....Right!! Remember....arms crossed can mean more than being mad.

I will share more later.......this is just the beginning.......I plan on writing more of them down.

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