Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Paper or Plastic......(cloth or disposable)

So it has been a while since I have written anything. But since becoming a mom...just 2 mths & 1 day. I thought I would write about my time at home with my little one. Warning: This will be the first of a few post about that. And to my little brother...sorry I now write about mom stuff :)

So I decided that today I would write about my experience with cloth diapers. Yes, I am crazy in every sense of the word. When I found out I was pregnant I decided to research cloth diapers. I am trying to be as environmentally conscience as possible and thought this would be a great start. And I had heard of the tremendous savings they were and several other perks.

For starters, there are different types and brands. None of which I am promoting or advertising for profit or any perks. So I will refer to them in generic terms (i.e. fitted and one size).

Left: One Size Diaper Right: Fitted

For obvious reasons I like the fitted. They look cuter and fit her. There are several sizes to choose from and right now E is in the smalls but will soon transition into the mediums. These particular fitted diapers have removable liners. What I have noticed is that the inserts will shift and the liners has to be removed with the insert to wash. Not a deal breaker but that also mean you have to have addition liners and inserts. Still not a deal breaker.

The One Size (OZ) diaper are a little bulkier but adjust in several ways to fit her. The perk to the OZ diaper is that they will fit a newborn until they are toddlers. So that is a one time purchase. And when it comes to washing it is easy. You just throw them in the wash (of course there is some pre-rinsing that occurs).

Don't get me wrong. These diapers are not cheap but the fact that you can use them over and over again. They can be used until your little one is potty trained. There is a tremendous amount of savings in that. So in that aspect the OZ diapers are a investment that will grow with your child. With the fitted kind you must purchase several in different sizes. So to each their own. As for me, I do both. One because I purchased before knowing the differences and now enjoy them for different reasons.

Again, I am not promoting any brand or type, I simply wanted to share my experience. I plan to use them the entire time that I am home with E. Once E goes to a sitter I will not insist that the sitter use cloth diapers. But at home and on weekend cloth diapers it will be. I don't feel I can make people use cloth diapers if they are not comfortable with them.

In general, I do recommend them for anyone who is looking for a way to save or who is concerned about their child's carbon footprint.


  1. I think cloth diapers rock!!!! I think if enough people knew about the details instead of "old school" diapers we would use more of the cloth diapers. If God blesses me with any more children I will be using cloth diapers!!!