Friday, March 11, 2011

" A Funny"

A funny is what my sister, younger brother and I would call a funny story. So here is my funny that I wanted to share.

My sister is quite funny herself, unintentionally but her kids are even funnier. So she is running errands before taking them to the Dr. for a check up. My sister is a great mom. She somehow manages to have a full schedule and can accomplish just about anything. She even can incorporate treats and fun for her kids while running errands. And she is very thrifty too.

So she had decided that if they would be running around she would get her kids a treat that day. But her kids decided to be a little difficult that day. So she lets them know. " You are getting a treat today. I was going to get you a drink or ice cream at Sonic but you have lost your privilege." To this her kids grumble, whine, complain and finally give up.

While at the Dr.'s office they manage to be well behaved. When the Dr. walks in he ask, "How's it going?" To which my sister responds, "Fine, we working on regaining our treat."

Then my 5 year old nephew says, " Yeah, we don't get to go to happy hour anymore." I could only imagine how red my sister must of turned and how she must have stumble to get the words out to explain. " They lost their chance to have a Sonic treat."

Kids? What can I say?

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